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October 2007 Contents with links

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      Demons by Wayne Scheer

      Extended Visiting Hours For Immediate Family by Frederick "Rick" Lord

      Gloss by Lawrence Greenberg
      Idol / Rebound by Alice Anne Harwood

      The Blues Is by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Not That Dorothy by Gloria Williams

      Given Next by "Reconsiderate" Anthony Arlotta
      Of Chickens and Eggs by Mar "Mistryel" Walker

      Existence by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Loon by Peter D. Goodwin
      French Sails by Stephen Mead

      What I've Been Before by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      Dream Immitation #8 by Steve Trebellas

      Rolling The Bodies by Stephen Mead
      Untitled by Becca Braren

Iteration In Conflict
      The Staircase of Goodbyes by Martin Willitts Jr.
      Fortune Feud by Amanda Bauch

      The Linguist's House by Karen Schubert
      Where I'm From by Debbarae Street

     During Your Reading by Victoria Munoz
      For The Birds by Peter D. Goodwin

      Man Eating A Burrito Waiting For The Movie To Start by Mark Jackley
      Over A Plate by Ray Succre

      Looking For Vincent by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Sadness Is Everywhere by Martin Willitts Jr.

Raising Questions
      The Ghosts of Halloween by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Customs by Robert Castle

      Postponing The Slippery Slopes by Earl J. Wilcox
      Portrait by Victoria Munoz

      The Gatherer by Richard Hemmings
      Hospital Coffee by Mark Jackley

Story Within Story 10/2007 (Scheer)

DEMONS by Wayne Scheer

The Poem At Length 10/2007 (Lord)

Extended Visiting Hours For Immediate Family 
by Frederick "Rick" Lord

Arcs of Attraction - Greenberg and Harwood

Gloss by Lawrence Greenberg
Idol / Rebound by Alice Anne Harwood

Blue On Black - Stepp and Williams

The Blues Is by Guss Stepp Jr.
Not That Dorothy by Gloria Williams

Codependencies - Arlotta and Walker

Given Next by "Reconsiderate" (Anthony Arlotta)
Of Chickens And Eggs by Mar (Mistryel) Walker

Cycles of Return - Stepp. Goodwin, Mead

Existence by Guss Stepp Jr.
Loon by Peter D. Goodwin
French Sails by Stephen Mead

The Farce of Fate - McGuire-Schwartz and Trebellas

What I've Been Before by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
Dream Imitation #8 by Steve Trebellas

Final Incapacities - Mead and Braren

      Rolling the Bodies by Stephen Mead
      Untitled by Becca Braren

Iteration In Conflict - Willitts and Bauch

The Staircase of Goodbyes by Martin Willits Jr.
Fortune Feud by Amanda Bauch

Leaving And Looking Back - Schubert and Streett

The Linguist's House by Karen Schubert 
Where I'm From by Debberae Streett

Listeners Active And Passive - Munoz and Goodwin

During Your Reading by Victoria Munoz
For the Birds by Peter D. Goodwin

Of Screen And Plate - Jackley and Succre

Man Eating A Burito Waiting For The Movie To Start by Mark Jackley
Over A Plate by Ray Succre

On Van Gogh - Stepp and Willitts

Looking For Vincent by Guss Stepp Jr.
Sadness is Everywhere by Martin Willitts Jr.

Raising Questions - Stepp and Castle

 The Ghosts of Halloween by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Customs by Robert Castle

Two Portraits - Wilcox and Munoz

Postponing The Slippery Slopes by Earl J. Wilcox
Portrait by Victoria Munoz

The Work And The Waiting - Hemmings and Jackley

The Gatherer* by Richard Hemmings
Hospital Coffee by Mark Jackley

* Updated version of The Gatherer provided by the author

The Gatherer

We go into the fields before daybreak.
First light colors orange into a sky of grays.
Scythes pivot against unwilling weeds' stake.
The ground is wet with the last day's turmoil;
dew stays.
And we shuffle to an unspoken tune.
A throbbing pulse calls,
not shouted,
but easily known.
Weeding out rushes
until the hour of noon, I wait
for a truth to be shown.
Sons, daughters,
our harvest: all one.
The sunlight, the morning,
the afternoon seals us and makes us dance.
Hands rise,
feet leave impressions,
a spinning wheel loops
The sun follows its path like a woman in a trance.

Say the sun is only a ball of fire
I say it is a God,
a clock,
my hands.
We gather Glory Be's
and we gather the minutes caught in wax.

Now, we are tired and going home;
slowly, studiously, steadily, steadily.
In the immense ledger of time
our return will merely be noted,
and, by then, the sun will shine somewhere else.

October 2007 Contributors


Amanda C. Bauch, writer and teacher, fled the harsh Upstate New York winters and now resides outside of Jacksonville, Florida. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University and is currently working on a young adult novel and a memoir. Recently, she won an honorable mention in the Writers' Workshop of Asheville Memoir Contest and second place in the 2006 Lantern Books Essay Contest. Her short fiction has also appeared in Tattoo Highway, and a memoir piece will be in the forthcoming book, Tainted Mirror: An Anthology.

Becca Braren: I live in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Nashville, much of the time on a tour bus with my father. I let my children climb into my bed as often as they like. I am a professional consultant to commercial photographers and a student of MFA in Writing program at Calarts. I believe I will begin work for the Black Clock Journal in September.

Robert Castle's novel, NEITHER HEAD NOR TAIL, published in 2008, by Casperian Books. This September I had a play performed as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. I have regular features in Unlikely Stories and Bright Lights Film Journal. I make my living as a teacher of History and Film at a small academy outside Trenton, NJ.

Gloria Williams is a Brooklyn born poet, visual artist, and vocalist for the band Kanipchen-Fit (www.myspace.com/kanipchenfit). She has read at venues including Galapagos Art Space, KGB Bar, Bowery Poetry Club, Barnes & Nobles Bookstore, St. Marks Poetry Project, The Nuyorican Poets Café and club OCCI (Open Cultural Center) in Amsterdam. Her poems have been published in literary 'zines including A Gathering of the Tribes (#6, #11), LUNGFILL! (#3), Interview, and the anthology Aloud, Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Café, her author illustrated story-poem Cracked Tale was published by Big Fat Press. She has worked as a professor in art for SUNY Purchase college and The Copper Union as well as an educator in arts and writing for museum and arts organizations. She resides in the Spanish Harlem area of New York.

Peter D Goodwin was born in New Jersey, college in Virginia, travelled through Europe and Asia; taught at University in Thailand, elementary school in England, secondary school in Virginia; moved to New York, worked as a playwright, moved to Maryland, bought a boat, writes poetry while providing succulent treats for deer, rodents, birds and insects.

Lawrence Greenberg has had fiction published in the following anthologies: Ghosts (Pocket Books, ed. by Peter Straub; my story was included in the Honorable Mentions List of Year's Best Fantasy, 1995); Horrors! 365 Scary Stories (Barnes & Noble; 2 stories); The Secret Prophecies of Nostradamus (New American Library); Borderlands 4 (Borderlands and White Wolf, ed. by Thomas Monteleone). Poetry in various small magazines. Articles in CNS News, Spirituality and Health, Ipso Facto, Easy Home Computing, A+, NonStop, et al. Book reviews in the Washington Post and Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Alice Anne Harwood

Richard Hemmings --

Mark Jackley I'm a marketing writer in Washington, DC, whose work has appeared in various journals. My first chapbook, "Brevities," was recently published by Ginninderra Press and my second collection (title pending) is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.

Frederick (Rick) Lord is the Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts at Southern New Hampshire University, where he also teaches English and serves as poetry editor for Amoskeag, SNHU’s literary magazine. A finalist in this year’s Dogwood Poetry Prize, Lord has recently had poems accepted by Blueline, Switched-on Gutenberg, kaleidowhirl, Main Channel Voices, and caesura. He and his wife Heather, a painter, live in Bow, N. H.

Stephen Mead is an artist and writer living in NY. Please feel free to google his name to links for other work he has done.

Victoria Munoz

Wayne Scheer retired to follow his own advice and write after teaching writing and literature in college for twenty-five years. He's been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a Best of the Net. His work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Notre Dame Magazine, The Pedestal, flashquake, Pindedyboz, Eclectica, Blood Orange Review, River Walk Journal, The Potomac and Triplopia. Wayne lives in Atlanta with his wife and can be contacted at wvscheer@aol.com.

Reconsiderate (Anthony Arlotta) uses words to process the less-than-efficient aspects of his life, and replace them with better ones. He is a programmer of thought, a database administrator for the great server that is our universe. Often times, his poems become lyrics for his intense artronica (music for voracious audiophiles and linguistic aesthetes). If you like the poem appearing in this issue of Bent Pin, visit www.reconsiderate.com and navigate yourself to the "Recordings" section to see whether it makes an appearance in audio format.

Karen Schubert: is a graduate student in creative writing at Cleveland State, and editor of Whiskey Island. Recipient of Youngstown State University's Hare Award for poetry, her poems have been published or are forthcoming in Mid-America Poetry Review, DMQ, Angle, Primavera, Versal, Poetry Midwest, Bent Pin Quarterly and others .

Debbarae Streett --

Guss Stepp Jr.  --

Ray Succre currently lives on the southern Oregon coast with his wife and baby son. He has been published in Aesthetica, Laika, and Rock Salt Plum, as well as in numerous others across as many countries. He tries hard.

Steve Trebellas recently got his MFA from Southern Illinois University His poems have appeared in Hiss Quarterly, Lunarosity, Stone Table, Boxcar, Innisfree, and Poemeleon.

Mar Mistryel Walker - Bent Pin's Editor

Earl J. Wilcox, retired after 40 years of university teaching, began writing poetry at age 71. In the past two years he has published more than 45 poems on topics as diverse as baseball, birds, aging, and fishing. His works appears in The Centrifugal Eye, Word Riot, Underground Voices, and many other places. Contact him at earlwilcox@comporiuim.net

Martin Willitts Jr graduated from Syracuse University and he is a Senior Librarian in New York. Recent publications in Pebble Lake Review, Hurricane Blues (anthology), Hotmetalpress.net, Haigaonline, Bent Pin, 5th Gear, Slow Trains, and others. He has a fifth chapbook "Falling In and Out of Love" (Pudding House Publications, 2005), an online chapbook "Farewell--the journey now begins" (www.languageandculture.net 2006, in archives), a full length book of poems with his art "The Secret Language of the Universe" (March Street Press, 2006), and he has another chapbook “Lowering Nets of Light” Pudding House Publications (2007). He has edited a poetry anthology about cancer, “Alternatives to Surrender” with funds from an Individual Artist grant to be printed at the end of 2007.


Bent Bin Quarterly Vol 1 No 2 Cover

July 2007 - Contents with links


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Story Within Story
           Not from the horse's mouth by Jewel B. Davis
           The Family Responds by Karen Schubert

The Poem At Length
           Email to DamnISO Lopez by Duane Locke

          Running into Things by Sarah Chavez
          I Restore Old Victorian Houses by Martin Willitts Jr.

          Fresh Linen by Angie Smibert
          Staring Back  by Robin Sampson

Unseen Voices
          A Little Night Music by Lou Orfanella
          Finding Horatio Street by Richard Fein

The Flutter And Hum
        Two-sided Morning by Peter Schwartz
        Swans Partner For Life by Lisa Siedlarz

Becoming The Other
       Tu Quoque by T.R. Healy
       Left-handers Beware by Jim Harrington

A Few Allusions
       Massacre by Kenneth Pobo
       How To Make Art by John Basinger

Poetry In The Mirror
       A Poet's Vow To Poem by Nicole Cartwright Denison
      Interview #2 by Margo Solod

New York Summers
       The Fisherman by Peter Vicinanza
       That Long Summer by Allen McGill

The Dance, The Dress
      One Dance Floor, Two Violations by Bryon D. Howell
      Memories Like A Whelk Shell by Bonnie Enes

Private & Public Community
      Waiting Game by John Grey
      HIV: The Test by Doris Henderson

Catching A Breath On Pause
      Limbo by Richard Wile
      Temporary Widow by Faith Vicinanza

      On My Second Margarita by Karen Schubert
      The Bridge At Chester by Steve Trebellas

Life's Options
      How The Body Fills Time by Karen Neuberg
      Life A Jigsaw (Puzzle) On Your Floor by Danny Bernardi

Dialing For Delilah
      Jackpot by SusAnne C. Cole
      A Mannequin of Sea by Jeff Crouch

Natural And Unnatural Disaster
      The Kiss by Maria Pollack
      Waves Like Grief by Elizabeth Cleary

Theatrical Questions
      The Audition by Gary Beck
      Trans-confusion by Allen McGill

Personable Beasts
      A Rat is A Rat by Janet Thorning
      Turkey Club by Mark McGuire-Schwartz

Doubts And Group Psychology
      The Taste of Apples Underground by Patrick Carrington
      As Water Spilt On The Ground by William J. Brazill

A Flash In The Pan
      Awhile by Ryan Dilbert
      Forever by Terri Klein

Contributors to the July 2007 Issue

Notes on this issue (7/2007)

Story Within Story 7/2007 (Davis / Schubert)


Not from the horse's mouth by Jewel B. Davis
The Family Responds by Karen Schubert

The Poem At Length 7/2007 - Email to Damniso Lopez by Duane Locke


 Email to Damniso Lopez by Duane Locke

Attention to Detail - Willitts Jr and Chavez

I restore old Victorian houses by Martin Willetts Jr.
 Running into things by Sarah Chavez

Inheritance - Sampson and Smibert


Staring Back by Robin Sampson
Fresh Linen by Angie Smibert

Unseen Voices - Fein and Orfanella


Finding Horatio Street by Richard Fein
A Little Night Music by Lou Orfanella

The Flutter and Hum - Siedlarz and Schwartz


Two-sided Morning by Peter Schwartz
Swans Partner for Life by Liza L. Siedlarz

Becoming the other - Healy and Harrington

Tu QuoQue by T.R. Healy
 Left-Handers Beware by Jim Harrington

A Few Allusions - Pobo and Basinger

A Massacre by Kenneth Pobo
How to Make Art by John Basinger

Poetry in the Mirror - Denison and Solod

 Vow to Poem by Nicole Cartwright Denison
Interview #2 by Margo Solod

New York Summers - Vicinanza / McGill

The Fisherman by Peter Vicinanza
The Long Summer by Allen McGill

the dance, the dress - Howell / Enes

One Dance Floor, Two Violations  by Bryon D. Howell
Memories Like A Whelk Shell by Bonnie Enes

private and public community - Grey / Henderson

Waiting Game by John Grey
HIV - the test by Doris Henderson

catching a breath on pause - Wile / Vicinanza

Limbo by Richard Wile
Temporary Widow by Faith Vicinanza

distance - Schubert / Trebellas

On My Second Margurita by Karen Schubert
and The Bridge At Chester by Steve Trebellas

life’s options... Neuberg / Bernardi

How the Body Fills Time by Karen Neuberg
and Like a Jigsaw Puzzle on Your Floor by Danny Bernardi

dialing for Delilah ( Crouch / Cole )

JACKPOT by SuzAnne Cole and A MANNEQUIN OF SEA by Jeff Crouch

natural and unnatural disaster ( Cleary / Pollack )

THE KISS by Maria Pollack and WAVES LIKE GRIEF by Elizabeth Cleary

theatrical questions ( Beck / McGill )

THE AUDITION by Gary Beck and TRANS-CONFUSION by Alan McGill

personable beasts (Thorning / Mcguire-Schwartz)

A RAT IS A RAT by Janet Thorning & TURKEY CLUB by Mark McGuire-Schwartz

doubts & group psychology ( Carrington / Brazill )


flash in the pan ( Dilbert / Klein )

AWHILE by Ryan Dilbert & FOREVER by Terri Klein

Bent Pin Contributors 7/2007

John Basinger is a A Professor Emeritus of Theater and Sign Language at Three Rivers Community College in Connecticut. Among his credits are: a long-time involvement wit the National Theatre of the Deaf as an actor and musician, a featured role in Paramount Pictures' Children of a Lesser God, and performances with the Long Wharf Theater, Hartford Stage Company, and the Manhattan Theater Club. He has been a Mellon Fellow in Theater at Yale University, is a nationally recognized storyteller. He is the author of Benedict Arnold: A Brave Revenge, and has performed all twelve books of Milton's Paradise Lost from memory. He is presently appearing at the Vineyard Playhouse on Martha's Vineyard in the world premier of This Island Alone. In this issue: How to Make Art  Submitted as: Poetry

New Yorker Gary Beck's recent fiction has appeared in EWG PRESENTS, NUVEIN MAGAZINE, BABEL, VINCENT BROTHERS REVIEW, L'INTRIGUE MAGAZINE, THE JOURNAL, SHORT STORIES BIMONTHLY and BIBLIOPHILOS. His poetry has appeared in dozens of literary magazines. His chapbook, The Conquest of Somalia, will be published by Cervena Barva Press. His plays and translations of Moliere, Aristophanes, and Sophocles have been produced off-Broadway. He is a writer/director of award-winning social issue video documentaries. In this issue: The Audition Submitted as: Flash fiction

Danny Bernardi is a UK based writer. He is the author of a novel entitled, Under the Rotunda, which is set in his native city of Birmingham. In this issue: A jigsaw on your floor  Submitted as: Flash fiction

William Brazill lives in Virgina on the banks of the Potomac River, where he writes fiction and watches the water flow by. His most recent stories have appeared in AMSTERDAM SCRIPTUM, LONG STORY SHORT, THE ELECTRIC ACORN, FLASHSHOT, SOMEWHAT, LITBITS, AND THE BOSTON LITERARY REVIEW. In this issue: As Water Spilt on the Ground Submitted as: Flash fiction

Patrick Carrington is the poetry editor for the art & literary journal MANNEQUIN ENVY (www.mannequinenvy.com). His manuscript Thirst (Codhill, 2007) won Codhill Press’ 2006 Poetry Chapbook Award. He has poetry forthcoming in print at THE CONNECTICUT REVIEW, THE EVANSVILLE REVIEW, THE NEW YORK QUARTERLY, HUNGER MOUNTAIN and other journals, and online at POETRY SOUTHEAST, PAINTED BRIDE QUARTERLY, GREEN HILLS LITERARY LANTERN and elsewhere. Rise, Fall, and Acceptance (MSR Publishing, 2006), his first collection, finished as runner-up in Main Street Rag's 2006 Poetry Book Contest and was released in December. In this issue: The Taste of Apples Underground  Submitted as: Previously published poetry

Sarah Chavez is a California native currently living with her partner in the midwest. She graduated from Ball State University with her M.A. in Creative Writing in May 2007. She teaches beginners college-level composition and feels that working with 18 year old freshman makes you a stronger person. She hopes to one day teach Creative Writing and live the lifestyle of well-balanced, happy artist. In this issue: Running into things Submitted as: Poetry

Elizabeth Cleary, a poet, amateur carpenter and landscape designer, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend of many names, aspires to document the beauty and torment played out in her garden daily. She is a member two writers groups and a poetry performance troupe. Among others, her poetry has appeared in CADUCEOUS and We Shijin Book I. In this issue: Waves like grief Submitted as: Poetry

SuzAnne C. Cole, author of To Our Heart’s Content: Meditations for Women Turning 50 (Contemporary), has been a community college English instructor for most of her career, but now concentrates on writing. Her stories have appeared in THE WORLD’S BEST SHORTEST STORIES, NEW TEXAS 2003, SUDDENLY V, III, II, and SHARDS, all anthologies. She has had poems, plays, and essays published in a variety of anthologies, journals, and newspapers including NEWSWEEK, THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE, THE SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, THE BALTIMORE SUN, and TROIKA, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.. In this issue: Jackpot Submibtted as: Flash fiction state


Nicole Cartwright Denison lives on a trout farm and teaches writing and literature in the mountains of western North Carolina. Her work has appeared in SIREN, STIRRING, THE PEDESTAL MAGAZINE, WICKED ALICE, POEMS NIEDERNGASSE, 2RIVER VIEW and others. Her chapbook, Recovering the Body, is forthcoming from dancing girl press in late 2007. She also serves as an editorial assistant for LILY. In this issue: Poet’s Vow to Poem  Submitted as: Poetry

Jewel Davis is a theater artist and writer who has performed, directed and choreographed professionally throughout the U.S. and British Isles. She holds a BA in Theater from University of NH and an MA in Theater Movement from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Presently, she is earning an MFA in Writing at Vermont College. She also teaches English Composition, Creative Nonfiction, Theater, Communication, and Literature at NH Community Technical College and Middlesex Community College. She has completed a theater book for educators and counselors entitled Issues Oriented Theater- a Guide to Encourage Dialogue Amongst Teens which uses theater to explore teen/family life issues. Her play, Shadow Dancing won an award from the CT Playwrights Collective. Her creative nonfiction has been published in COMPASS ROSE, MOONDANCE LITERARY MAGAZINE and CEZANNES CARROT, THE SN REVIEW and RE:PORTS MAGAZINE. and is forthcoming iN LILITH MAGAZINE In this issue: Not From The Horse’s Mouth  Submitted as: Creative Nonfiction/Essay

Ryan Dilbert is currently completing his MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, CA. His writing has appeared in MCSWEENEY'S INTERNET TENDENCY, GETGOMAGAZINE, LEAGUE OF LABORING POETS and he writes a humor column for THEFOOTNOTE.COM. In this issue: Awhile Submitted as: Poetry

Bonnie Enes, Poet Laureate of South Windsor, CT and has had poetry published in COLLEGE POETRY REVIEW, PEGASUS, SHAPES, CANVAS, HARTFORD WOMAN, NEW DIMENSIONS, KENNEBEC (U of ME), NAMASTE, NUDE BEACH, YANKEE, CHRONICLE, OPEN WEAVE, FAIRFIELD REVIEW (editor’s & readers’ choice), POET’S COVE, New Monhegan Press—An Anthology [monhegan.com/slam/past.html], COUNTRY AND ABROAD, ARTIS, SCOPE, CHRONOGRAM and PERSPECTIVES. She is the winner of several first place awards in The Windham Area Poetry Festival and received The Maine Poetry Fellowship Award. Her short story, The Hillsboro Garden and Literary Guild was developed into a play and won awards in Maine and Connecticut. She also teaches, “The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Poetry.” In this issue:Memories as a Whelk Shell Submitted as: Poetry

Richard Fein is a Brooklyn, NY resident who’s poetry has appeared in many venues on and off the web including DARK PLANET, ASPHALT STRAWBERRY, PIGIORNMALT. In this issue: Finding Horatio Street  Submitted as: poetry

John Grey's latest book is What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. His work has been published recently in AGNI, WORCESTER REVIEW, SOUTH CAROLINA REVIEW and THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. In this issue: Waiting Game Submitted as: Poetry

Jim Harrington is a retired librarian embarking on a new career. Previous stories have appeared in LONG STORY SHORT and LAUGHTER LOAF. In this issue: Left Handers beware Submitted as: Flash fiction

T. R. Healy was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and his stories have appeared in such online journals as 3711 ATLANTIC, BRINK, CLOCKWISE CAT, THE FOLIATE OAK, LILY, PLUM BISCUIT, SHINE, VERBSAP, and WILD VIOLETS. In this issue: Tu Quoque  Submitted as: flash fiction

Doris Henderson lives in Danbury, Connecticut, where she facilitates a workshop for the Connecticut Poetry Society. Her work has appeared in SLANT, COMSTOCK REVIEW, CONNECTICUT RIVER REVIEW, PARTING GIFTS, NEW VERSE NEWS, COMMON GROUND, BENT PIN QUARTERLY, and others. Her poem Distances was nominated for a Pushcart prize. In this issue: HIV: The Test Submitted as: poetry

Bryon D. Howell has been writing poetry for many years, but has only recently gone into full force seeking publication. He has recently had work in THE CEREBRAL CATALYST, YELLOW MAMA, LAUGHTER LOAF, FOLIATE OAK ONLINE and many more. In this issue: ONE DANCE-FLOOR, TWO VIOLATIONS, AND NOT A DRY COP IN THE HOUSE Submitted as: Poetry

TERRI D. KLEIN lives in Cromwell, Connecticut, where she is a homemaker on a quest for meaning. Along the way, she writes. She is a member of the women's poetry circle Artemis Rising. She prefers her poetry (and everyone else's) out loud, performing and listening at Connecticut's many open mikes. She performs solo and with Victoria Munoz and Tom Nicotera as "Not Just Any Tom, Vic, and Terri." Their next performance will be November 6, 2007, at the Prosser Library in Bloomfield. In this issue: Forever?  Submitted as: Poetry

Duane Locke holds a Ph.D in Metaphysical Poetry and has had 5,877 poems published in print and e zines, and 17 books and ebooks published.. Also, a painter exhibited widely--a discussion of his work appears in Gary Monroe’s Extraordinary Interpretations (U of Fla press), Recent exhibition: “Outsider Art” at Polk Museum. He is also a photographer, 289 published photos on internet, many are close-ups of tossed away trash, Mystic vegetation, visual music and nature (primarily small insects). He resides in Lakeland Florida. For more information, interviews, awards, etc. google him, there are has quasi half-million entries, or find his entry in Who’s Who in America. In this issue: several poems from the series E MAIL TO DAMNISO LOPEZ Submitted as Poetry

Allen McGill is originally from NYC, but lives, writes, acts and directs theatre in Mexico. His published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, plays, photos, etc., have won awards and appeared in: NY TIMES, THE WRITER, NEWSDAY, LITERARY POTPOURRI, POETRY MIDWEST, QLRS, HERONS NEST, FROGPOND, MODERN HAIKU, WORLD HAIKU REVIEW, many others. He is a former member of PEN. He was an invited guest at the First World Poetry Festival in Taiwan 2005, haibun editor for SIMPLY HAIKU, and two of his plays have been professionally produced in Sacramento and L.A. His first book -- SUNSEEKERS, a selection of haiku and haibun by Allen McGill -- has just been published by Golden Swamp Warbler Press. In this issue: That Long Summer Submitted as: Flash fiction and TRANS-CONFUSION Submitted as: a one-act play

Mark McGuire-Schwartz says he sometimes imagines that he was raised by bears, and it shows. He recently retired from twenty-seven years working as a bureaucrat in state government, where he strove to raise the level of memos and emails to an art form. Mark is author of a short play, Meeting Arthur Miller, which was produced as part of the Short and NEAT program during the 2004 International Festival of Arts and Ideas, in New Haven. His work has previously appeared in The FAIRFIELD REVIEW, ROUGUESCHOLARS.COM and in BENT PIN QUARTERLY. In this issue: Turkey Club Submitted as: poetry

Karen Neuberg's work has appeared in literature journals such as BARROW STREET, COLUMBIA POETRY REVIEW, ELIXIR, DINER, AND PHOEBE, AND ON-LINE FOR SHAMPOO, THE DIAGRAM, CAN WE HAVE OUR BALL BACK, TOASTED-CHEESE, and others. She holds an MFA from the New School. One of her poems recently received a Pushcart nomination. In this issue: How the body fills time Submitted as: Poetry

Lou Orfanella’s latest book, Excursions: Poetry and Prose brings together many genres of literature. His books include Streets of New York, Allurements and Lamentations, Composite Sketches, The Last Automat, Permanent Records, How I Happened and Summer Rising, River Flowing and the work of nonfiction Scenes from an Ordinary Life: Getting Naked to Explore a Writer’s Process and Possibilities. He contributed chapters to the books Reel Rebels, When Genres Collide, and Rationales for Teaching Young Adult Literature. His columns, essays, articles, reviews, and poems have appeared in many national and regional publications. He holds degrees from Columbia University and Fordham University and teaches writing at Western Connecticut State University and English in the Valhalla, New York school district. He offers individual and group workshops on poetry, fiction, memoir, journalism, and family history. Write LORFANELLA@hotmail.com. In this issue: A Little Night Music Submitted as: Flash Fiction

Ken Pobo's new book of poems, Glass Garden, will appear from WordTech Press in July 2008. His work appears in journals such as NIMROD, MUDFISH, FORPOETRY.COM, THREE CANDLES, THE FIDDLEHEAD, INDIANA REVIEW, and elsewhere. He likes to garden, read, and watch Bette Davis films. Bergman too. Catch his radio show "Obscure Oldies" on WDNR.com from 6-8pm on Saturdays EDT. In this issue: Massacre Submitted as: Poetry


Robin Sampson is a member of the CT-based six-woman poetry performance troupe Shijin. She’s active with the Wednesday Night Poetry Series in Bethel, CT as a host and hanger-on. Her publishing credits include a chapbook We Shijin; Book 1, THE NEW VERSE NEWS, WICKED ALICE, THE BITTER OLEANDER, several anthologies and a few other odd places. In this issue: Staring Back Submitted as: Poetry

Karen Schubert is a graduate student in creative writing at Cleveland State University. During her undergraduate years at Youngstown State, she served as editor of the PENGUIN REVIEW, and won YSU’s Hare Award for poetry. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in MID-AMERICA POETRY REVIEW, DMQ, ANGLE, PRIMAVERA, VERSAL, POETRY MIDWEST , and others. In this issue: The Family Responds and On My Second Margurita Submitted as: Poetry

Peter Schwartz is the editor of the literary journal 'EYE' and associate art editor of MAD HATTERS' REVIEW. He has over 200 poems published in such journals as PORCUPINE, VOX, AND COLOR WHEEL, and seven stories published with one pending. He also has paintings published all over the Internet and in some university run print journals. Mr. Schwartz is currently working on paintings for an exhibit with the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC. In this issue: Two sided Morning Submitted as: Poetry

Lisa L. Siedlarz is a graduate student at Southern Connecticut State University where she was named 2005-2006 Graduate poet. Her honors include the 2006 Leo Connellan prize, the 2006 John Holmes Poetry Award, and nomination for a 2006 pushcart prize. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in LOUISIANA LITERATURE, CONNECTICUT REVIEW, RATTLE, POETRY SOUTHEAST, THE SOUTH CAROLINA REVIEW, NEW MILLENNEIUM WRITINGS, CADUCEUS, CONNECTICUT RIVER REVIEW, ALIMENTUM, and WAR, LITERATURE & THE ARTS. Ms. Siedlarz lives in New Haven , CT. In this issue: Swans Partner for Life Submitted as: Poetry

Angie Smibert has work published or forthcoming in FLASHQUAKE, FLASH ME, CRIMSON HIGHWAY, MYTHOLOG, TRIPTYCH, HEAVY GLOW, and BOSTON LITERARY MAGAZINE. In this issue: Fresh Linen Submitted as: Flash fiction

Margo Solod has been an innkeeper, chef, lighting designer and factory worker to support her writing habit. After 20 years of traveling, four chapbooks, one full length book, 100+ published poems in 70+ magazines and 5 anthologies, three trucks and nine sets of tires, she has settled with her partner and several giant dogs in the middle of 72 acres in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. In this issue: Interview #2 Submitted as: Poetry

Janet Thorning lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband and three children. Janet is currently working on her first poetry chapbook and her first novel, and she has recently published in THE RAMBLER, ARABESQUES REVIEW, and 971 MENU. Upcoming publications include, BOSTON LITERARY MAGAZINE, BATEAU PRESS, SIX SENTENCES. In this issue: A Rat is a Rat  Submitted as: flash fiction

Steve Trebellas recently got his MFA from Southern Illinois University His poems have appeared in HISS QUARTERLY, LUNAROSITY, STONE TABLE, BOXCAR, INNISFREE, and POEMELEON. In this issue: _The Bridge at Chester_ Submitted as: Poetry

Faith Vicinanza - An Information Technology consultant, a widely published poet, a publisher, one time founder and editor of the Underwood Review, literary organizer, a guest editor, an open mic host, a poetry festival/series creator and organizer and promoter, a teacher, a workshop facilitator and author of numerous poetry chapbooks, a mother, grandmother and wife, Ms. Vicinanza has been a creative force in Connecticut poetry for many years. In this issue: Temporary Widow Submitted as: Poetry

Peter Vicinanza - A retired Information Technology executive and entrepreneur, who was downsized five times by corporate buyouts, Mr Vicinanza has begun writing flash and poetry vignettes of growing up in old New York (City.) His work is forthcoming in the fall issue of THE CONNECTICUT REVIEW. In this issue: The Fisherman Submitted as: flash/memoir

Richard Wile received his MFA in nonfiction from the University of Southern Maine’s Stonecoast Creative Writing Program in 2005. His essays have been published in such diverse places as PRAIRIE SCHOONER, THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY, and CIGAR AFICIONADO, as well as in an anthology, Reflections on Maine. He has recently completed a memoir, Those That Mourn: A Memoir of Grief and Grace. A native of Maine, he lives with his wife Mary Lee in an old family home in Yarmouth, Maine. In this issue: LIMBO ubmitted as: flash/nonfiction

Martin Willitts, Jr. is a Senior Librarian for the New York State Department of Corrections. His recent poems appear in PEBBLE LAKE REVIEW, HOTMETALPRESS.NET, SURVIVOR REVIEW, 3LIGHTS, HAIGAONLINE, SURVIVOR REVIEW, and 5TH GEAR. His full-length book of poetry with his artwork, The Secret Language of the Universe, is available from March Street Press, 2006. In this issue: I Restore Old Victorian Houses Submitted as: Poetry

About the editor
Mistryel (Mar) Walker, founding editor of Bent Pin Quarterly, author of Inverse Origami, the art of unfolding, is a poet, artist, musician and writer. She has a number of websites including The Metaphoratorium at mistryel.com. She holds a Bachelors in Liberal Studies/Humanities as well as 30 hours of graduate study in writing and art. Cover Art: Surfacing in Light.


Bent Pin Quarterly Vol 1, No. 1 - Cover

April 2007 Contents with links

Cover of The Very First Issue of Bent Pin Quarterly

Contents (You are here)

Bent Pin Philosophy

The Featured Essay
      The Blessing by Carol Arnold

Story Within Story
      More Than A Waitress by B. Lynn Goodwin

The Poem At Length
      Election Day At 4th & B by Kate Burch

      Xenon (XE) by Micheala Gabriel
      Standing By The Door by Jake Utti

Traces Left Behind
      Arnica Over Everything by Tim Dalton
      The Didicoys by Lee Keylock

Place And Time
      Elemental by K.B. Ballentine
      Paris 1932 by Lana Hechtman Ayers

Night Branches
      Upon Seeing Dante In A Dream by Johanna Wagner Rossi
      Tears by Martin Willitts Jr.

Mortal Warnings
      Black Coffee by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      HIDE / SEEK by William Reichard

Media Methods In Question
      How The News Was Delivered Today by Earl J. Wilcox
      For Roy Rogers by Michael Scott Cain

Litmus Test
     She Put Her Faith In Cats by Louisa Howerow
      My Uncle Drops A Bag From The Bridge by Michael Scott Cain

Last Words
      The Art Of Letting Go by Michaela Gabriel
      Then Silence by Michele LaROCHE

Forecast: Rain
      Tangible Rain by Robin Sampson
      Tangible Rain - a painting by Elizabeth Spencer
      Doesn't Think It A Bit Odd by Eileen Malone

Ethereal Enhancements
      The Older Brother's Easter Advice by Terry McClain
      Special Effects by Mistryel (Mar) Walker

      What A Husband Shouldn't Know by Barbara Daniels
      Three A.M. by Doris Henderson

      In Death by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      Buying A Little More Time by Alan Holder

Acts of Renewal
     Dye by Johanna Rossi Daniels
     Saturday Morning by Barbara Daniels

Contributors to the Very First Issue of Bent Pin Quarterly

Bent Pin Philosophy 4/2007