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Story Within Story
           Not from the horse's mouth by Jewel B. Davis
           The Family Responds by Karen Schubert

The Poem At Length
           Email to DamnISO Lopez by Duane Locke

          Running into Things by Sarah Chavez
          I Restore Old Victorian Houses by Martin Willitts Jr.

          Fresh Linen by Angie Smibert
          Staring Back  by Robin Sampson

Unseen Voices
          A Little Night Music by Lou Orfanella
          Finding Horatio Street by Richard Fein

The Flutter And Hum
        Two-sided Morning by Peter Schwartz
        Swans Partner For Life by Lisa Siedlarz

Becoming The Other
       Tu Quoque by T.R. Healy
       Left-handers Beware by Jim Harrington

A Few Allusions
       Massacre by Kenneth Pobo
       How To Make Art by John Basinger

Poetry In The Mirror
       A Poet's Vow To Poem by Nicole Cartwright Denison
      Interview #2 by Margo Solod

New York Summers
       The Fisherman by Peter Vicinanza
       That Long Summer by Allen McGill

The Dance, The Dress
      One Dance Floor, Two Violations by Bryon D. Howell
      Memories Like A Whelk Shell by Bonnie Enes

Private & Public Community
      Waiting Game by John Grey
      HIV: The Test by Doris Henderson

Catching A Breath On Pause
      Limbo by Richard Wile
      Temporary Widow by Faith Vicinanza

      On My Second Margarita by Karen Schubert
      The Bridge At Chester by Steve Trebellas

Life's Options
      How The Body Fills Time by Karen Neuberg
      Life A Jigsaw (Puzzle) On Your Floor by Danny Bernardi

Dialing For Delilah
      Jackpot by SusAnne C. Cole
      A Mannequin of Sea by Jeff Crouch

Natural And Unnatural Disaster
      The Kiss by Maria Pollack
      Waves Like Grief by Elizabeth Cleary

Theatrical Questions
      The Audition by Gary Beck
      Trans-confusion by Allen McGill

Personable Beasts
      A Rat is A Rat by Janet Thorning
      Turkey Club by Mark McGuire-Schwartz

Doubts And Group Psychology
      The Taste of Apples Underground by Patrick Carrington
      As Water Spilt On The Ground by William J. Brazill

A Flash In The Pan
      Awhile by Ryan Dilbert
      Forever by Terri Klein

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