October 2007 Contents with links

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      Demons by Wayne Scheer

      Extended Visiting Hours For Immediate Family by Frederick "Rick" Lord

      Gloss by Lawrence Greenberg
      Idol / Rebound by Alice Anne Harwood

      The Blues Is by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Not That Dorothy by Gloria Williams

      Given Next by "Reconsiderate" Anthony Arlotta
      Of Chickens and Eggs by Mar "Mistryel" Walker

      Existence by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Loon by Peter D. Goodwin
      French Sails by Stephen Mead

      What I've Been Before by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      Dream Immitation #8 by Steve Trebellas

      Rolling The Bodies by Stephen Mead
      Untitled by Becca Braren

Iteration In Conflict
      The Staircase of Goodbyes by Martin Willitts Jr.
      Fortune Feud by Amanda Bauch

      The Linguist's House by Karen Schubert
      Where I'm From by Debbarae Street

     During Your Reading by Victoria Munoz
      For The Birds by Peter D. Goodwin

      Man Eating A Burrito Waiting For The Movie To Start by Mark Jackley
      Over A Plate by Ray Succre

      Looking For Vincent by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Sadness Is Everywhere by Martin Willitts Jr.

Raising Questions
      The Ghosts of Halloween by Guss Stepp Jr.
      Customs by Robert Castle

      Postponing The Slippery Slopes by Earl J. Wilcox
      Portrait by Victoria Munoz

      The Gatherer by Richard Hemmings
      Hospital Coffee by Mark Jackley