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Story Within Story
      Swimming Upstream by Jackson Lassiter

The Poem At Length
      My Mother Said by Marion Cohen

Burst And Fizzle
      Picking The Tab by Khristine Ong Muslim
      Sic Transit Gloria by Suzy Lamson

Depth Of Vision
      The Misfortune of Shallow Sight by Enest Williamson III
      Superman by Carol Clark Williams

Details Of Memory
      Your Hands by Laura Vookles
      First Snow by Faith Vicinanza

Five Dogtown Poems by James Scrimgeour
      Wharf Road
      Adam Wharf
      There Is No Moss Growing
      Ruth's Ledge
      Old Ruth

Found But Lost
      Blackbeard's Chest by Mel Lees
      Blue 31 by L.B. Sedlacek

Glories To Come
      The Award by Corey Mesler
      25 Short Poems by Mark McGuire-Schwartz

Many-One - The Blend
      Bending Into Light by Martin Willitts Jr
      Euclidean Houses by Kristine Ong Muslim

      Cutter by Christian Thiede
      Prevalent Theme by Kenneth P. Gerney

Past Presence
     Remembering The Man I Never Knew by Eric "Zork" Alan
     You Are A Dream by Laura Vookles

Songs of Invention
      Song Of Trash by John Grey
      Columbia, MD by Eric "Zork" Alan

Structure's Shape
      Structure by Doris Henderson
      As It Appears by Jim O'Loughlin

      The Good Samaritan by Jim Harrington
      The Beautiful Season by Kristine Ong Muslim

The Uses Of Fire
      Writing Prompt by Carol Clark Williams
      She by Doris Henderson

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