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Bent Pin Philosophy

The Featured Essay
      The Blessing by Carol Arnold

Story Within Story
      More Than A Waitress by B. Lynn Goodwin

The Poem At Length
      Election Day At 4th & B by Kate Burch

      Xenon (XE) by Micheala Gabriel
      Standing By The Door by Jake Utti

Traces Left Behind
      Arnica Over Everything by Tim Dalton
      The Didicoys by Lee Keylock

Place And Time
      Elemental by K.B. Ballentine
      Paris 1932 by Lana Hechtman Ayers

Night Branches
      Upon Seeing Dante In A Dream by Johanna Wagner Rossi
      Tears by Martin Willitts Jr.

Mortal Warnings
      Black Coffee by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      HIDE / SEEK by William Reichard

Media Methods In Question
      How The News Was Delivered Today by Earl J. Wilcox
      For Roy Rogers by Michael Scott Cain

Litmus Test
     She Put Her Faith In Cats by Louisa Howerow
      My Uncle Drops A Bag From The Bridge by Michael Scott Cain

Last Words
      The Art Of Letting Go by Michaela Gabriel
      Then Silence by Michele LaROCHE

Forecast: Rain
      Tangible Rain by Robin Sampson
      Tangible Rain - a painting by Elizabeth Spencer
      Doesn't Think It A Bit Odd by Eileen Malone

Ethereal Enhancements
      The Older Brother's Easter Advice by Terry McClain
      Special Effects by Mistryel (Mar) Walker

      What A Husband Shouldn't Know by Barbara Daniels
      Three A.M. by Doris Henderson

      In Death by Mark McGuire-Schwartz
      Buying A Little More Time by Alan Holder

Acts of Renewal
     Dye by Johanna Rossi Daniels
     Saturday Morning by Barbara Daniels

Contributors to the Very First Issue of Bent Pin Quarterly